Indigenous Beauty was created from a mission to find more pure, natural alternatives to mainstream beauty products which work just as well, if not better.

By using high quality, plant based ingredients we have created extremely effective products. They work great, feel great and smell great. Most importantly, they’re safe for you and your family.

Only 7 ingredients are used in each jar of the Natural Deodorant Cream. They have been specifically chosen for their unique and beneficial properties.

The beautiful country of Colombia is the land of my parents and one which I’m in love with. Having experienced an incredible trip around South America in 2015 I saw the awe-inspiring power of nature in all its glory. From the exotic Amazonian jungle in Ecuador, to the breath-taking Iguassu Falls and every mountain, river and lake in between. Travelling the continent and learning more about its history was an unforgettable journey. The vibrancy of the South American culture and the beauty of its diverse ecosystem is the inspiration behind the name.