When you place your first order on subscription you will receive an email with a link to your unique customer portal. If you can't find the link please contact us and we can send it it you. Email hello@indigenousbeauty.co.uk

How do I edit my subscription? 

You can simply edit your delivery interval by clicking on the 'Edit' button in the portal. You can edit/add/remove items being delivered by clicking on the 'Add item' button in the portal. 

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription by clicking on the 'Cancel my subscription' button in the portal. You can pause it by clicking on 'Pause my subscription'. You can also view upcoming payments in your billing schedule and skip them if needs be.

When will I be charged?

You will get charged immediately when you place your initial order. The subscription will automatically renew so that you are charged on the same day of the month as when the initial order was placed.



Does Indigenous Beauty test their products on animals? 

Never. Our products are only tested on humans. Since they are made from natural ingredients which are completely safe to use, we believe this is the best way. We only source our raw ingredients from suppliers who do not test on animals.


Are Indigenous Beauty products suitable for vegans?

Yes! We are proud to state that all our products are completely free from animal derivatives.


Why would I use a natural deodorant?

Unlike mainstream deodorants which use artificial preservatives, thickeners and all sorts of other chemicals, our natural deodorant makes use of what nature has to offer. You can be kinder to your skin by avoiding those commonly used harsh ingredients and reduce the chances of unwanted toxins building up.


How does your Natural Deodorant Cream work?

Bicarbonate of soda is a natural deodoriser as it neutralises bacteria, whilst the highly absorbent nature of Arrowroot powder helps keep wetness at bay. Not only does Coconut oil have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties making it the perfect ingredient for a deodorant, it is also very moisturising for skin.

Additionally, the use of unrefined Shea butter and Vitamin E provide the necessary moisture for underarm skin which often needs extra TLC after shaving. To give each deodorant a lovely natural scent we use only the highest quality essential oils. The combination of all these ingredients means you’re good to go after one application!


How do I use your Natural Deodorant Cream?

Use it on clean, DRY skin. Simply apply a pea sized amount of the deodorant and spread it lightly on each underarm. You can either use your finger or the mini applicator it comes with, whichever you prefer.


I’m pregnant, is it ok to use your Natural Deodorant Cream?

Even though we use a small amount of essential oils for each product, not all people advise using essential oils during pregnancy. We strongly recommend pregnant and nursing women check with their doctor before using our natural deodorant. If your doctor has advised against the use of essential oils and you were interested in trying, let us know via the contact form and we may launch a deodorant without any essential oils so you don’t have to miss out!


My Natural Deodorant Cream has become very soft/ too hard, what do I do?

Since each product is handmade in small batches, there may be slight variations from batch to batch like colour, consistency etc. The texture of coconut oil changes depending on the room temperature; it is solid below 24°C and will melt above this. Since this is one of the main ingredients used in the natural deodorant it affects the overall texture of the deodorant. Whether hard or soft its effectiveness remains the same so don’t worry. If it melts simply give it a little stir and pop in the fridge for 10 minutes. Or if you prefer it soft you can keep it close to the shower as the steam will soften it up! Either way once the product touches your skin, body temperature will allow it to soften so it becomes easy to apply.


Is your Natural Deodorant Cream also an anti-perspirant?

Anti-perspirants fight against the vital and natural biological process of sweating. Sweat glands exist to regulate our body’s temperature. Most anti-perspirants contain chemical compounds such as aluminium which blocks your pores to prevent sweat being released. Studies have shown however that these chemicals can build up and could be linked to potential health issues.

Our deodorant is not an anti-perspirant as it does not aim to prevent sweating. It aims to control odour effectively by using beneficial ingredients.


What is the shelf life of your products?

Given the natural ingredients we use, the shelf life of our products should be 12 months once opened. To ensure it lasts as long as possible it is best to keep it out of direct sunlight, and store it in a cool, dry place. Make sure the jar lid is placed back on after each use.



When will my order arrive?

Royal Mail First Class usually arrives within 1-2 working days. Royal Mail Second Class usually arrives within 3-5 working days. Orders placed before 10pm Monday to Friday are sent out the following day. Orders placed after 10am on a Saturday will be sent on Monday. No orders are sent on a Sunday.


Do you do international shipping?